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I consult with companies big and small to plan for how data and machine learning/AI will shape their business. I also use my experience both building and advising others how to build data products to help companies integrate data into their existing product and engineering practices.

The world is changing evermore rapidly and I firmly believe that done correctly, integrating data and machine learning/AI opens up opportunities that were inconceivable a decade ago. I’ve spent years advising companies and nonprofits of all sizes how to build what’s next (or revamp what’s already here).


Every company is unique, and so is what they’ve done (or want to do) with data. When working on data strategy I typically spend a few days onsite to learn more about what’s happening today and then deliver a detailed strategy document. Instead of relying on the latest “best practices” I tailor all of my work to meet clients where they are at. That includes understanding how the lastest machine learning/AI advancements can be leveraged in their current or future situation and what skills, technology and organizational changes are needed to achieve that.

Much of the strategy work I’ve done has been with large enterprise clients who have made some investment in data (usually through infrastructure and/or personnel) and are looking for how they can get the most out of that investment. In these engagements, clients typically benefit most from my experience working with other large enterprise clients who have faced similar obstacles and from “renting my imagination” as I can easily cut through a lot of the market hype and explain clearly what’s possible and prudent.

Other work I’ve done with start ups or nonprofits centers more around what’s possible with data and machine learning/AI and how those businesses can think about how much to integrate data into their core offering (and how they can invest now to set them up for later stages). In these engagements, clients typically benefit from “renting a CDO” for a short period to help them set up a solid plan for their infrastructure and hiring and sometimes even assist in that hiring.


I offer leadership education speaking engagements as a way to equip non-experts with the ability to make decisions around how machine learning/AI will affect their business. As a former academic I can easily translate how many of the exciting developments in machine learning/AI can and will drive much of what we see in the near future.


I offer my expertise as an advisor to startups or enterprise clients that want a longer-term partnership in any area related to data, machine learning/AI or cognitive (neuro)science.

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