Ways I engage

I spend a lot of my time working out how to practically implement what’s newly possible with technology (especially with data and machine learning/AI) and then use what I’ve learned to help others build.


I’ve led machine learning strategy and advising for Cloudera’s Fast Forward Labs, led data science for Simple Finance, and have worked to build data products at Yahoo! and JP Morgan. I’ve built and scaled out teams and products and recognize that at the end of the day the hardest problems are often those involving people rather than technology. For a more detailed account of my experience see my LinkedIn.

I’ve worked extensively with large enterprise corporations, start ups and even non-profits. I often say I’m “renting out my imagination” and really enjoy working with clients to uncover how they can capitalize on their current investment in data or place smart bets with data investments moving forward. It all starts with understanding what’s possible using data and machine learning and then crafting a plan that will actually work. If you’re looking to hire a data consultant you can learn more here.

Building tools to enable humans

In my various careers to date, I’ve been a part of building some really amazing products and seen first hand how much of an impact something can have on people’s daily lives. I’ve also seen how some of the technology we’ve built isn’t quite meeting some of our vision for a better world. I’m combining my experience in cognitive neuroscience, machine learning and product development to create tools that are aimed at helping humans have better interactions in a world they didn’t evolve for. I’ll be writing about my thoughts and experiments here as they evolve.


I have been speaking publicly on data, hiring (using science!), machine learning, and cognitive (neuro)science for well over a decade. Most of my talks aren’t recorded or aren’t public, but you can check out some of the content I presented at at NYAI, or you can hear a recent podcast interview with me on the Develomentor podast.

I also provide leadership education talks for companies to help them understand what’s possible for them with data and machine learning.

Advising and mentoring

I’m a big believer that the best way to make an impact on the world is by holding others up. I spend a portion of my time advising and mentoring both formally and informally on a variety of topics.

If you’re interested in engaging in any of these capacities, please reach out.